Armed siege involving father and eight-year-old son enters fourth day

A stalemate between police and a gun-armed father locked up in a Coventry home with his eight-year-old son has reached a fourth day.

Coventry Live reports that the 41-year-old man remains barricaded on the property on a residential street in Earlsdon, where he was staying at 12:20 p.m. on Sunday.

The officers were originally called for a social check-up on the resident and child, but the suspect refused to leave the address.

Residents were told to stay indoors while about 20 officers, including counterterrorism officers, rushed onto Earlsdon Avenue North.

One elementary school will remain closed for student safety, while nearby roads will also be closed as the tense stalemate on the Victorian property continues.

A neighbor, who did not want to be named, said, “We can’t believe it’s still possible, but some of us are now allowed to leave our homes.

“I think the negotiators have been there all night, I’ve seen them take food at one point, and I’ve heard that he updates social media a lot.

“It apparently has to do with a social services battle, but I don’t know the full details. It’s really worrying and we are obviously still hoping for a certain ending.”

Another woman who lives on nearby Newcombe Road added: “The number of officers outside the line has decreased, but the officers are still in the house.

“Officers have had their weapons aligned on site, but there has been no movement so far. It’s pretty scary as this is a beautiful road.

“I was hoping it would be resolved by now as we are all really concerned. We can leave our house, but people are still stuck inside the cordon at home.”

Coventry Police Commander Chief Superintendent Pete Henrick said: “We understand that this situation is deeply worrying for some residents and we want to assure them that we will do everything in our power to bring it to a safe conclusion.

“I beg the peoples’ indulgence, as specialist officers remain at the crime scene.”

A West Midlands Police spokesman added, “Our priority is the safety of those involved, including those living within the cordon.

“We have issued guidelines on what to do if residents want to enter or leave their property, and our officers have personally visited most of the addresses to explain what we are doing and why, and to reassure and advise them.”

Coventry City Council arranged temporary housing for families stranded outside the cordon, while a recreation center was set up at the Earlsdon Library.

A council spokesman said: “We are helping police respond to an ongoing incident on Earlsdon Avenue North.

“We can confirm that we have organized a recreation center at the Earlsdon Library for those who need it, and we will also arrange temporary accommodation for anyone unable to enter their homes due to the police cordon.”

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