Arnold Schwarzenegger fans disappointed as NEC appearance at Arnold Sports Festival cancelled due to leg injury

Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger has apologized to fans after he canceled his performance at the Birmingham NEC at the last minute due to a leg injury.

The Terminator star and ex-bodybuilder, 74, was due to be part of a Q&A at the Arnold Sports Festival UK this weekend.

However, doctors advised the actor not to travel to the UK because of his condition. However, Arnie said he will appear virtually on screen and hopes to attend in person next year.

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On Thursday, he went on Twitter and posted a video of him at home in LA feeding cookies to his pet donkey Lulu.

He told his fans: “I’m very upset that I can’t make it because of my leg disease. I hurt my leg, my foot, my calf. The doctor told me not to travel. I’m sorry.”

He added, “I will be beaming every now and then on weekends. You will see me on the screen.

“So I’m looking forward to coming next year in 2022. I’ll be there.”

In response, a fan wrote: “It’s a shame, but your health comes first, I’ll be at the festival for your virtual Q&A anyway and hopefully meet you next year. Stay healthy.

But others were less lenient and one fan wrote, “What! I paid £ 84 a ticket to see you on a screen !? @arnoldsportsuk. ”

Another added, “I understand that like everyone else, you need to put your health first, but you can’t say that at the last minute!”

The Arnold Sports Festival UK is known as “c Enjoyment of health, fitness and nutrition, a full weekend full of motivation and inspiration. “

It features competitions from multiple sports including strongman, bodybuilding, powerlifting, CrossFit, MMA, boxing, cheerleading, and arm wrestling.

The sold-out event also features a number of big celebrities, including Rocky couple Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren, who will appear for a Q&A tomorrow Sunday October 3.

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