Artist dubbed 'Barksy' creates paintings using dog poo

A new underground artist draws attention to digestive problems in dogs by making portraits of animal feces.

The unusual company is part of a broader animal health campaign for the brand. Itch, who commissioned the pictures.

With Christmas and New Years out of the way, the nation’s pets have likely over-eaten or eaten foods they shouldn’t have.

Research carried out by itch found that more than two-thirds (64 percent) of Britons polled think they don’t believe they need to keep an eye on pet digestion to spot signs of poor health.

Animal waste can be an early indicator of disease. Therefore, Itch would like to encourage pet owners to make sure they monitor their pet’s feces to make sure they haven’t overdone it on turkey and roast.

In order to do this, itch commissioned “Barksy” to recreate a series of iconic animal paintings made entirely from animal waste.

The five famous paintings commissioned are Dorothy and Toto by The Wizard of Oz , Larry the cat, Puss in Boots off Shrek , The “Meatballs & Spaghetti” scene from Lady and the tramp and Dr. Evil and Mr Bigglesworth out Austin Powers .

While there has been talk of a lockdown-induced baby boom, many families seem to have grown with new furry additions instead in recent months. Therefore, it is more important than ever to recognize poor health and act quickly.

A recent “Pet Wellness” study by Itch found that 61 percent of pet owners said “a pet who needs the bathroom more or less than usual” is an indicator that their pet is not doing well. Just under half say they only take their pet to the vet once a year.

Artist dubbed 'Barksy' creates paintings using dog poo 1

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According to Itch’s in-house vet, Zoe Costigan, there are several factors pet owners should look out for when checking their pet’s feces, including color, texture, and smell. Visible worms are also a key indicator of disease.

Zoe Costigan, Itch’s in-house vet, said, “Our artist (we’ll call him ‘Barksy’) did an excellent job creating these animal portraits, but they also serve an important purpose, they’re visual reminders to everyone.” Pet parents we shouldn’t just bag up and throw away our pets’ trash without checking first.

“It’s one of the less glamorous parts of pet ownership, but it’s very important to keep an eye on it to spot any possible early indicators of disease.”

“The color, texture, and smell of feces should be fairly similar in everyday life, as should the frequency and effort your pets move around. If anything changes from what is normal for your pet, be sure to seek advice.

Barksy used Pet Poo to create the artwork

“The list of conditions that lead to change is very extensive and it is important that you are aware of anything visible in the waste that should not be there, such as blood, mucus, worms, foreign objects such as undigested food or Toy.”

Itch created a visual guide to look out for when pooping your pet his website.

Check out the full excursion and learn more about how Itch is helping the nation address pet welfare issues and potentially win your own poo-trait visit the itch website.

The works will be donated to an animal welfare organization so that they can be auctioned to raise important funds.


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