As Biden prepares to take office, Trump lawyers ask judge for help in tax return fight

But the incoming administration, which is due to take over Wednesday with Biden’s swearing-in, could simply hand the return over to Congress Democrats without Trump even knowing.

“All of this opens up the possibility of a renewed motion by the committee being granted without the defendants’ intervention or the possibility of their legal objections being heard,” say Trump’s lawyers.

They brought up the idea of ​​the next government giving them a heads up if the Democrats keep searching for the records so they have a chance to challenge it in court.

That’s something Trump won in a separate lawsuit over a New York state bill that gives Congress Democrats access to Trump’s state returns. Although House Democrats have shown little interest in the bill, a federal judge agreed that Trump should be given the opportunity to fight such a request if lawmakers ever change their minds.

“A status conference would provide information on whether and how this case should continue,” says the file.

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