As Covid trends down, Fauci warns not to 'declare victory'

Still, according to Fauci, the nation is approaching a “very important part of the year” for children: Halloween.

Vaccination “adds extra protection to yourself and your children, your family and your community,” said Fauci. “It’s a good time to think about why? [getting vaccinated] is important.”

Given the downtrend and the upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Fauci warned against “just throwing your hands up and saying it’s all over”.

Fauci said vaccine mandates for air travel remain on the table, but he sees no immediate implementation.

“It’s always debatable. We always discuss it,” he said. But he added, “Right now, I don’t see it right away.”

“I don’t want to say support or not,” said Fauci. “I think it’s a decision that will be made through the contribution of a number of parts of government, including public health.”

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