As Pride Month Begins, Republicans Double Down on Restricting Transgender Americans

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Tuesday marks the start of Pride Month 2021 – a time of well-deserved celebration, especially after so many of last year’s celebrations have been relegated to virtual spaces. And it is also a time to advance the movement for LGBTQ rights. This year, this work is particularly important – as we are in the midst of an unprecedented effort by the Republican state parliaments to subdue the transgender community.

In 33 states, 100+ anti-transgender bills were only introduced in the first few months of 2021. The restrictions proposed in these bills include banning the use of transgender people Toilets or changing rooms that match their gender identityto prevent transgender teenagers from continuing to gamble Sports teams that reflect their genderand even banning gender-affirming medical treatments like Puberty blockers and cross-gender hormones for transgender minors.

The cruelty of the possible effects of these laws is nothing short of appalling. There is evidence that transgender teenagers who receive puberty delay treatment are significantly less likely to think about suicide than those who do not. An Arkansas doctor treating transgender teenagers testified To state lawmakers considering a bill to ban medical services to these patients: “Since the bill was introduced, several children have been in the emergency room for attempting suicide. I guarantee if this law goes through, children will die. And I’ll call you every time. “

Read the full text of Katrina’s column Here.


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