As the Covid-19 Crisis Deepens, Grassroots Organizers Take Action

A flyer in New Orleans, Louisiana protests the response to the corona virus. (Chris Graythen / Getty Images)

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As the Covid-19 Crisis Deepens, Grassroots Organizers Take Action 1

Let’s start with the noise. With the United States, which is now the epicenter of the Covid 19 pandemic, Trump, who should meet around the clock with industry (rescued) titans to demand that they produce medical care quickly, is giving a good one instead Part of his time spent fighting with governors he doesn’t like. A few weeks ago, when Washington was the hardest hit state, Trump considered it appropriate to call Governor Jay Inslee a “snake.” Now he has made it his business to name youthful names against the governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, to call her “Half Whitmer” and to require that the state governors in return be loyal to him in return for granting their federal aid applications demonstrate.

Because Trump’s chatter has such big consequences, it also turns into the signal. Amid a cascading public health crisis where Detroit is a new hot spot, this is what Trump tweeted::

I I love Michigan, one of the reasons why we’re doing such a great job for them during this terrible pandemic. But your governor, Gretchen “Half” Whitmer, is way above her [sic]She has no idea. Gladly accuses everyone of their own inability! #MAGA.

Excuse me for asking, Mr. President, but to borrow a question that once posed the path to demagogic Senator McCarthy, you have no sense of decency, sir? And no, you are not doing a great job. The United States now has far more coronavirus infections than any other country; Doctors and nurses must ration and reuse personal protective equipment; There is a critical shortage of ventilators. and hospital systems are almost overwhelmed within a few weeks, with an awful number of deaths. If that’s your definition of a great job, I shudder to wonder what your idea of ​​failure looks like.

Whitmer has since reported it She had heard of medical suppliers that the White House asked them to distract programs from their state. This is so grotesque that it’s hard to believe, but it’s part of a pattern: in a Pike attack, the same president withheld vital recovery aid from hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico, and threatens to hold the aid from fire several times. devastated California. It’s also a pattern of how Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo used the pandemic to score political points overseas, most recently from Denial of vital medical aid by Yemen, torn by the civil war, and from Pressure on the IMF to deny Venezuela an emergency loan to reinforce his pandemic response.

It is comparable to the cruel opportunism with which the government used the emergency as an excuse to lock out refugees and deport asylum seekers without the appearance of proper procedures – a depressing contrast to Portugal, which has granted temporary residence status to asylum seekers during the crisis so that they can get medical care.

And it’s up there where Trump wants to take advantage of the chaos in virus-ridden, economically locked Iran – where Hundreds of people have died after drinking industrial alcohol that the rumor mill suggested making people immune to Covid-19 – by urging the Pentagon to start planning massive strikes against an Iran-backed militia in Iraq.

While people around the world are confined to their homes, creative political organization continues. Seeds are rooted behind these closed doors. organizer In Montreal, where demonstrators refuse to pay rent while the economy is on hold, they recently asked strikers to hang white sheets on their windows. Since then, similar strike movements have emerged in New York and other U.S. cities – and in return, many cities and states have tried to address tenant concerns by imposing temporary moratoriums on evictions. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-CortezTogether with the local politicians in New York, they have started to push not only for a national eviction moratorium, but above all for a three-month freeze of the economically affected tenants who even have to pay rent.

It’s all part of the signal. Progressive ideas on housing, access to health care, wage subsidies and much more are asserting themselves at an astonishing pace. These ideas will make a decisive contribution to forging a new and fairer social pact if we emerge from the crisis.

In the meantime, stay healthy, stay safe, and find ways to get involved after just seven months of choice.


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