Asda to offer first in-store Covid vaccinations in UK this month

Thanks to a collaboration with the NHS, Covid jabs are delivered in the Asda supermarket.

The first batches will be delivered at a Birmingham office starting Jan. 25, reported The mirror.

The supermarket was chosen by NHS England to run a vaccination center with staff from the Asda Pharmacy who deliver the vaccine to priority groups set by the NHS.

Asda President Roger Burnley said, “We are incredibly proud to offer this service and we want to do everything we can to help the NHS and the government accelerate the vaccination program.

“We have an extensive nationwide logistics network that could support the storage and distribution of the vaccine, and our highly trained pharmacy colleagues have experience running large vaccination programs, having recently released nearly 200,000 flu shots to the public.

“We’re on hand to provide the NHS with the hands-on support they need to help more people get the vaccine quickly.”


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