100 Unique Asura Name – Generated for you

Asura name generator will Provide you 50 names Match for Your Asura race of Guild Wars.

Since Asura name can be both male and female, so we have compiled a list of both of them, so you can pick any that you like.

The Asura are a race of little, rodent-like humanoids who was able to live underground for millenia. Finally they had been forced outside and have lived and adapted to life on the surface. Adapting to and becoming masters of the own lives on the outside was simple enough with their wits and arcane mastery.

As far as names go, they reflect their short and rodent-like nature quite nicely, as their titles are generally sharp sounding. A typical Asura name trait can also be double letters, typically consonants, in the center or at the end of the names. While this is a cultural thing, it is not mandatory.

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Asura have no names. Rather they have job titles and”Krewe” titles, which you’ll discover in this generator too.


male asura names
  1. Chronomancer Qhassup
  2. Hydrologist Wogg
  3. Planner Strep
  4. Instructor Bwad
  5. Savant Houtt
  6. Aeorr the Alchemist
  7. Dwuffiq the Visualizer
  8. Znuann the Machinist
  9. Sruaxxit the Monitor
  10. Kleattit the Techromancer
  11. Terrologist Godd
  12. Pyromancer Kluffup
  13. Scientist Srid
  14. Prognosticator Riossax
  15. Aeromancer Twuab
  16. Pjiosoz the Emulator
  17. Mhionnef the Examiner
  18. Bass the Assembler
  19. Propim the Schemer
  20. Iollom the Disassembler
  21. Monitor Znuttan
  22. Golemancer Dkett
  23. Necromancer Sunn
  24. Examiner Dlikkos
  25. Assistant Bjoggeg
  26. Zakk the Professor
  27. Dleas the Gemcutter
  28. Dlabb the Chronicler
  29. Voudd the Krewe Chief
  30. Pwiaff the Insurrectionist
  31. Necromancer Bixx
  32. Electromancer Zmemm
  33. Terratechnician Sliaz
  34. Demolisher Uibb
  35. Demolitionist Pwaban
  36. Miazix the Vulcanologist
  37. Rallap the Elixologist
  38. Dwutt the Pistoleer
  39. Stroton the Deconstructor
  40. Dreatt the Techsmith
  41. Mixologist Sminom
  42. Examiner Fluazz
  43. Princeps Srebbux
  44. Chronologist Krimm
  45. Subversionist Slutt
  46. Smeffoq the Mechsmith
  47. Kwudd the Cleaner
  48. Fliottuz the Creator
  49. Twellol the Recalibrator
  50. Rhagok the Convoker


female asura
  1. Huntsman Gneona
  2. Specialist Vlianno
  3. Cabalist Ghuabu
  4. Synergist Ziazzo
  5. Infiltrator Doffa
  6. Note the Infiltrator
  7. Kluaxxi the Necrotechnician
  8. Batta the Terramancer
  9. Kjoubbi the Thaumaturgist
  10. Triomme the Golemwright
  11. Huntsman Pjolla
  12. Refiner Ceossi
  13. Necromancer Tweorro
  14. Elixologist Roura
  15. Alchemagician Gnouxi
  16. Ride the Technician
  17. Pwomo the Chronomancer
  18. Ieno the Savant
  19. Sweadu the Refiner
  20. Vleaxxo the Recalibrator
  21. Cryotechnician Khiakka
  22. Statistician Vrouni
  23. Assistant Rhappe
  24. Kreweman Strualle
  25. Demolitionist Twasso
  26. Bjappo the Planner
  27. Snufi the Magitechnician
  28. Jassi the Enforcer
  29. Rheki the Instigator
  30. Phuga the Illustrator
  31. Terramancer Zionnu
  32. Recalibrator Dnebbi
  33. Illusionist Zillu
  34. Emulator Drame
  35. Technomancer Madde
  36. Gninna the Parabotanist
  37. Bhoukko the Terrologist
  38. Vledo the Abjurer
  39. Dhottu the Interrogator
  40. Mhuzu the Demolisher
  41. Investigator Buba
  42. Meteorologist Lhase
  43. Demolitionist Snitta
  44. Diviner Bwumu
  45. Mixologist Flegu
  46. Pweamma the Protector
  47. Blape the Aerotechnician
  48. Niagu the Technologist
  49. Kioxi the Surveyor
  50. Qofa the Botanist

What is an Asura?

Wikipedia says that “Asura is used as an adjective meaning “powerful” or “mighty”. In the Rigveda, two generous kings, as well as some priests, have been described as asuras.”

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