Asus Launches Android 12 For Zenfone 8!

Taiwanese tech giant Asus finally has the . launched Android 12 beta program for its flagship Zenfone 8. Here are the details…

Asus has had some pretty quiet days in the smartphone market lately. While the company hasn’t announced a new phone yet, it’s also been a bit slow on software updates. As is known, Zenfone 8, one of Asus’ flagship models, will have the chance to beta test android 12, provided it can only be flashed.

Users could not test android 12 without the manual. Happy, Asus has launched a new program so that every user can experience easily android 12. It is now possible to sign up for the Android 12 beta in a few steps.

Simply try Android 12 beta for Asus Zenfone 8

Recently, the Taiwanese manufacturer launched a new beta program for: Asus Zenfone 8 owners. Interested users can sign up for “beta tests” through this program and get the . to download Android 12 update via OTA to their devices.

The terms of the program work just like in other phones. Before downloading android 12 to devices, you must first register with your Asus account. You will then be placed on the waiting list. In addition, registration will continue between October 1 and 13 and will be available for users to download after that.

Asus Launches Android 12 For Zenfone 8! 1Asus Launches Android 12 For Zenfone 8! 2Asus Launches Android 12 For Zenfone 8! 3Asus Launches Android 12 For Zenfone 8! 4

It is also worth noting that you can withdraw your application until the date indicated. So when will? android 12 stable version to be released?

The android 12 update, that google has been in testing for several months, is now close to final versions and is ready for a stable release. According to previous planning and prominent rumours, google will release the official version of the new operating system earlier this week.

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