ASUS ROG Phone 5 failed simple test; breaks easily

Those looking for advanced settings to enjoy games on their phones will find the ROG Phone 5, an Asus device launched on the 10th, a strong ally. Still, the $ 1,299 required to purchase the device doesn’t make it invincible in all respects, and it’s good not to bend it at any point, as a durability test conducted by the JerryRigEverything channel can confirm. It almost breaks in half with ease.

Even protected with Gorilla Glass 3 on its back and the new Gorilla Glass Victus, which can withstand drops of up to two meters in the frontal area, it took some effort to destroy everything. The break takes place along the antenna line and affects the smartphone’s vibration motor and then extends to everything else. On the other hand, scratches and burns did nothing more to him than expected.

Watch the full video below, in which the key moment explained above starts from 7 minutes and 15 seconds.

Step on the brakes

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, OLED display with 144Hz refresh rate, 65W super fast charging and 18GB RAM make ROG Phone 5 one of the best Android devices in the segment.

Regardless, potential buyers should carefully analyze their usage habits before investing in the product as, as the test shows, accidents can happen even if it’s in the back pocket of a pair of trousers, for example.

Android Central explains that the placement of the antenna and dual batteries under the case likely creates an opening in the smartphone, a construction flaw that could weigh on the consumer’s pocket.

Finally, it is also necessary to be careful with the tension during gambling – which, incidentally, for an audience looking for something robust and able to withstand intense sessions, is not a very welcome precaution.

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