Asylum seeker shares pictures of food and conditions at UK hotels run by Serco

An asylum seeker shared pictures of the food he was given and its conditions, including a leak in the reception area of ​​a hotel accommodation he was staying in.

The man, who fled the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, shared pictures of a meal that included a crushed apple, unidentifiable meat and servings of pasta.

The Liverpool echo Asylum seekers are reported to have been accommodated in cold, leaky and overcrowded rooms in two Liverpool hotels.

A video he made available to the Liverpool Echo shows water entering the building.

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Serco insisted that the staff had “a good relationship” with the asylum seekers at the property.

A company spokesman said the property was in “very good condition” and “the rooms and property are clean and in good condition”.

But the man called the conditions “catastrophic” and the food was described as gross.

He said, “It’s cold in the rooms, really cold – and I can’t open the heaters. If I try, the power will go out. “

Speaking of the food being served, he added, “You [asylum seekers] have to eat it because they are hungry, but sometimes they throw some of it away. And then they don’t get enough money to buy food, so you have to be patient and wait until the next meal. “

The asylum seeker, who studied English while studying at a UK university, said many asylum seekers do not speak English, which has prevented them from reporting problems.

The hotel staff are “self-confident and competent and have a good relationship with the asylum seekers,” said a Serco spokesman.

They added: “The property is in very good condition. The rooms and accommodation are clean and in good condition.

“One of our senior managers visits both hotels regularly to ensure the quality standards and is in regular contact with the superiors. None of the issues you raised were observed or reported to her.

“In the last month there have been no incidents or complaints related to food etc. or incidents related to problems with food.”

The company accepted that there was a leak in the reception of one of the hotels following a downpour, but said it was “fixed immediately”.

Although Serco claimed he hadn’t received any complaints lately, the man said he called, emailed and tweeted his concerns.

He said, “You [Serco] do not answer at all. Nobody listens. “

In response to his demands, a Home Office spokesman said: “The well-being of asylum seekers is taken extremely seriously and all necessary steps are being taken to protect those in our care. All of our hotels are required to provide up-to-date health and safety reports prior to booking.

“If an asylum seeker has problems with his accommodation, he can turn to Migrant Help, which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide support.”


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