'At least 200' students abducted by bandits in Nigeria as kidnappings continue

Two hundred students were reportedly abducted from a school in Nigeria, the latest in a long line of kidnappings.

One person was shot dead while another was seriously injured in the attack on an Islamic school in Tegina, central Niger.

Armed groups carrying out ransom hijackings have carried out a number of raids on schools and universities in northern Nigeria in the past few months and have kidnapped more than 700 students as ransom since December.

“There was a kidnapping at an Islamic school in Tegina. We still have to find out the number of kidnapped students,” said Mary Noel Berje, the governor’s spokeswoman, told Reuters.

Nigeria Channels television reports that at least 200 students were admitted.

Ahmed Matane, Secretary of the Nigerian State Government, told the network that attacks were being carried out at the same time as the kidnapping.

He said, “Yes, there was an attack on the Islamiyya school, but we do not yet have the exact number of students who have been kidnapped.

“We are in contact with the parents in the region to get to know those whose children have been kidnapped.”

According to the Daily Trust NewspaperThe kidnapped students come from the Islamic school of Salihu Tanko.

The remaining 14 students were released on Saturday after being abducted from a university in neighboring Kaduna state last month.

Ransom hijacking has become common in many parts of Nigeria in recent years.


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