Atom Bank issues statement after customers receive 'worrying' messages

Those saving at Atom Bank were hit by “worrying” news earlier today, creating widespread concern.

Atom is the UK’s first bank built for smartphones or tablets with no branches and the first challenger bank to have digital media only and a full UK regulatory license.

Users used social media to report the news and asked if it was a scam today.

They also said they couldn’t get in touch with the company by phone or chat.

One concerned customer said, “Was there a hack? Received worrying text, your app has stopped working and has been on hold for almost an hour! I just joined two days ago and I regret it. Even if the text is a bug. This just shows how difficult it would be to contact you in a real crisis. “

A second said, “I got a notification saying“ New External Account Connected “(not a duplicate notification). This is very worrying and sounds like fraudulent activity to me. Unfortunately, I can’t get through on the chat or on the phone WHAT’S GOING on ? “

But Atom Bank has assured customers that the messages are not fraudulent and have been “sent in error”.

A spokesman added they were sent out because of “technical issues” when they admitted the app was running slowly.

They said it was “duplicate messages” and asked customers to ignore them.

Atom Bank posted a statement on Twitter tonight saying, “These messages were sent in error. We are currently investigating this and will try to resolve this as soon as possible.”

They later added, “Unfortunately we are having some technical issues right now and our app is running slowly.

“If you are a customer and have received a duplicate notification in the past few hours, please ignore it.

“We apologize for any ambiguity.”

In a recent tweet, the company confirmed that the app is now working.

A spokesman said, “Everything is up and running and the issues we saw before have now been fixed.

“Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this would have caused.”


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