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Australia Will Receive Money from Facebook and Google

Australia Will Receive Money from Facebook and Google

The Australian government has announced that it has now made a decision on Facebook and Google. This decision involves Google and Facebook signing an agreement with Australian media outlets and making payments to these institutions. Technology giants will not be able to publish the news of media outlets in the country without making this agreement.

Explaining that he made an interesting decision, the Australian administration announced that Google and Facebook would have to pay to share the news of local media outlets in Australia. The decision, which is stated to be enacted this year, seems to be only for Facebook and Google for now, but it seems to be valid for more platforms in the future.

Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg made some important statements regarding the decision. Frydenberg stated that the main reason behind such a decision is to create a fair competitive environment for Australian news media businesses. According to the minister, with this decision, both a sustainable media environment and consumer protection will be ensured.

The draft law prepared by the Australian government will be open to discussion for the next month. The Australian Parliament will then vote to enact the decision. The expectations are that the decision will become law soon. So what obligations does this draft bring to Google and Facebook?

According to the statements, Facebook and Google will try to reach an agreement with local media outlets in Australia, along with the draft law in question. Within the scope of this agreement, the payments made by technology giants to the media will be determined. If no agreement can be reached, this time a panel of arbitrators will be commissioned and an agreement will be made. In addition, Google and Facebook will give a portion of the income from the news to the media.

The draft law that the Australian government is working on does not only involve the publication of the news. So much so that Google and Facebook will work within the scope of algorithm transparency in order to present the media content to the users. Of course, in this process, the data on the sites will be shared with the Australian government. In case of resisting the law, 10 percent of companies’ annual turnover or 7.2 million dollars will be given.

The coronavirus pandemic is the reason why the Australian government is working on such a bill. According to the statements, various media institutions and newspapers in Australia were closed due to coronavirus pandemics, and there was a serious decline in advertising revenues. As a solution to this situation, it seems that such a decision was taken against Google and Facebook.



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