Authorities: Navy medic shoots 2, is shot to death on base

FREDERICK, Md. – A Navy medic shot dead and seriously injured two people in a Maryland industrial park on Tuesday. He then fled to a nearby military base, where he was shot, police and US Navy officials said.

The man walked into a store in Riverside Tech Park and let people flee inside, but it was unclear whether the shooting was inside or outside, said Frederick Police Chief Jason Lando.

After the shooting, the medic drove about 10 minutes to Fort Detrick, where he was shot dead by grassroots personnel, Lando said at a press conference. The US Navy issued an initial statement stating that there was an “active rifleman incident” involving “US sailors” at Fort Detrick and that the rifleman, a naval base medic, was killed. Fort Detrick officials later confirmed that the man who was killed on the base was the same person who shot the two people in the industrial park.

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