Autodesk Was Victim Of Hacker Attack By SolarWinds

Autodesk: Company Autodesk confirmed that it was affected by the same malware as the large-scale cyber scam that attacked SolarWinds servers from Orion network management software. The incident took place in December 2020 and was initially denied by some involved.

According to auto desk, a “compromised server” was identified in the same time frame as the original invasion, on December 13 last year. However, the company did not log any unauthorized access from the folders that remained vulnerable and quickly fixed the identified holes with a system update.

The information only became public when the brand published documents related to the company’s performance in the second quarter of 2021. The company is one of the most renowned in the field of digital creation and design software, including programs like AutoCAD.

solar wind

In all, some 18,000 corporate customers who depended on SolarWinds’ services were affected by the failure at various scales — one of the largest criminal hacks ever recorded, according to Microsoft.

Variations and other vulnerabilities were also exploited as early as 2021 to attack government agents. Investigations conducted so far point to invaders of Russian origin.

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