‘Autonomous Toy Car’ from Nissan

Nissan designed a restaurant delivery vehicle to demonstrate the quality of the braking system in its electric car, ariya, which will launch in 2023. So why did Nissan feel the need to do such a thing?

Japan-based automobile company Nissan has come up with a very interesting project. The company designed a small delivery vehicle for use in restaurants. This delivery vehicle, when placed on a counter, travels at high speed to its destination and stops in front of the customer. What do you need this for? And you’re right… Let’s explain…

Nissan will launch an electric car called Ariya in 2023. Announced a few years ago, this car will be equipped with a special braking system called e-4ORCE. The feature of this system is that it minimizes the acceleration released when braking. In other words, Ariya users will not be thrown in the vehicle when they brake, as in other cars. That was the main thing Nissan wanted to show in the restaurant delivery truck.

This is what Nissan’s restaurant delivery truck looks like

You may not understand why Nissan wants to show a technology that it will use in its 2023 electric car in the restaurant industry. The company’s goal was to show that a plate with watery food didn’t bounce when it suddenly stopped. The video, which we will share with you shortly, reveals that Nissan has achieved this.

Like other auto giants, Nissan has been working on electric motor vehicles for a while. In the coming years, we will have the opportunity to meet these vehicles and we will see together what Nissan can offer to consumers. Let’s see at what point in the electric motor transformation Nissan will find a place for itself…

Here is the video where Nissan shows the e-4ORCE technology

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