Avatar 2 and Lord of the Rings Could Resume Their Filming in few days

Avatar 2 and Lord of the Rings Could Resume Their Filming in few days

James Cameron’s sequel to Avatar 2 and Amazon’s The Lord of The Rings TV show can resume filming as New Zealand sets new guidelines for the movies and TV production. Shooting for both Avatar 2 and The Lord of The Rings could resume shooting in New Zealand. Both projects are among those affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Filming of Avatar 2 and Lord of the Rings has been delayed due to a COVID-19 pandemic

Filming was forced to stop when the virus took a turn for the worse in March. Avatar 2 is done remotely from home because of this corona pandemic, and the makers are waiting to resume live-action photography in New Zealand. On the other hand, Lord of the Rings had only just started filming before the shutdown, so it has been stuck in a holding pattern ever since.

Filming will resume soon


Now, in the current situation, Hollywood sometimes hopes to resume operations by the end of this summer. Even Disney remains non-committal about setting a definitive timetable for when the Marvel movies could re-film.

Outside the United States, countries like the Czech Republic have deemed it safe enough to get their movie and TV productions going under their newly established health regulations. New Zealand has also taken some steps to relaunch filming in the region.

According to some reports, the New Zealand Film Commission has confirmed that some film and TV productions in the country are already safely underway, in accordance with government-approved health and safety protocols.

Those regulations include that productions in the country, including films such as Avatar sequels and Lord of the Rings show, must register with Portal ScreenSafe so that the Department of Health and Worksafe can better track the presence of the corona virus and those who have come into contact can follow. with infected persons.


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