Away Season 1: Ending Explained & What we know far

This Netflix original after the manned expedition to Mars is an American road sci-fi drama Season 1 launched on September 4, 2020

Away Season 1: A Brief Synopsis

The “Mars Joint Initiative” has a multinational crew on board; America represented was a trained astronaut who had to step back from medical restraints against his wife, Emma Green; also trained with his husband who was in charge of command in his place.

She was accompanied by a modern Chinese chemist, a Russian cosmonaut with the best experience in space, a second medical officer from India and a botanist from Great Britain.

The whole crew is trying to confirm this useless three-year mission; They all question Emma’s efficiency, but then see the value of unity for that unattainable goal, while submitting all life-threatening challenges by risking everything.

End of season 1 out

In the final finale, their ship, Atlas is against all odds close to landing on Mars, and Lu is entitled to it CNSA To be the first to step on it, Emma tries to get past her nightmare of the entire crew that ends up in the fire during the first landing attempt and lets Lu use her privilege for Mei’s recovery.

Alexis reveals her knowledge of Isaac’s secrets to Matt, in addition to Melissa’s admission to him and Emma and Ram to deal with the spewing tension between them.

At mission control, all their families have joined to observe their landing while the astronauts broadcast a message before lashing down for descent.

Through all the trials the ship makes its landing and at that moment was of course a party. Despite the troubled future that we have yet to see in the later seasons, Lu lets Misha take her first step on Mars, echoing her early feelings that his rapidly deteriorating eyesight could make him the “first true Martian.”

Keri insisted on proving Mars’ sustainability and confirmed their triumph to the Mission Control with their group photo, while CNSA does not approve of their non-compliance with the mission.

Turbulence appears to be gushing on both Earth and Mars as the crew fights some sharp combat and the Mission Control softens the inter-conflict between countries.

Final message

It conveys a message about the importance of overwhelming inequality with integrity. Misha leads by example with a classic and unchanging piece – “Motherland is just an idea, brothers don’t exist. All that matters are the people you love. “

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