Home World News BA steward caught 'using mobile to watch man on toilet' at Heathrow

BA steward caught 'using mobile to watch man on toilet' at Heathrow

BA steward caught 'using mobile to watch man on toilet' at Heathrow

A British Airways steward was caught on his cell phone while a man was listening to a man in the bathroom at Heathrow.

Andrea Cesqui, 36, who worked at reception in the airport’s VIP lounge, was caught by his stunned victim after the steward placed his cell phone over the cabin door, the judges heard.

The applicant had gone in there to urinate – but came out and confronted the “extremely nervous and excited” defendant after catching him. the Daily Star reports.

Requested to see the phone before filing a complaint with BA staff, heard the Uxbridge Magistrates Court.

Cesqui, who was in his BA uniform under a hoodie at the time, has now been fined £ 800 and asked to sign the sex offender register for five years.

He also lost his job at BA following the incident at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 on October 21 last year.

He was eventually brought to justice after his image was disseminated among British Airways staff in order to track him down.

Now he has pleaded guilty to voyeurism.

Prosecutor Beata Murphy said: “On October 21, the victim went into the men’s room in Terminal 5, went into the far-right cabin and began to urinate.

“But he did notice that someone had placed a cell phone over the cabin door. He could see the top of the phone with the rear camera lens exposed. He looked into the lens and the person holding the phone immediately pulled the phone down.”

Ms. Murphy told the hearing that the victim opened his cabin door and saw the man leave the cabin next to her.

She said he confronted Cesqui in front of the toilets and asked to see his phone.

Cesqui, who now lives in Malaga, only showed him “the back of the folder” and not the latest files – which revealed multiple photos of various men’s genitals.

The court heard that the victim was going to get a security guard, but Cesqui was gone when they returned.

Ms. Murphy said: “The defendant had a suitcase and a backpack, which suggests that he may have been a passenger.

“However, the applicant believes that under his hoodie he saw a uniform similar to the one worn by passengers on the airside, which would identify him as an employee at Heathrow.

“CCTV showed him wearing a British Airways uniform, so his picture was passed on to a select few British Airways employees for identification.”

He was finally arrested after a BA employee identified him in the Heathrow Terminal 5 canteen on November 19 and called the police.

His cell phone was checked and found numerous pictures of male genitals on it, although none were “voyeuristic” and subjects “apparently knew the photos were taken”.

James Riley, who defended himself, said Cesqui now works in a call center and has lost his job with British Airways on charges of voyeurism.

He said, “It was a stupid thing and it was a one-time thing. As a result of doing that stupid act on his behalf, he lost his job as cabin crew at British Airways.

“He has no prospect of living in this country again.”

The chairman of the bank, Anthony Dorothy, condemned him, saying, “We believe that some degree of planning is required here. The placement of the cell phone, etc. It doesn’t cross the custody line so we’ll look into it.” a fine. “




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