Baby born prematurely at 23 weeks and weighing just 1lb finally allowed home

A tiny baby, born prematurely at 23 weeks, was allowed to go home after almost five months of treatment.

Doctors in Konya, Turkey finally removed little Nisa, who weighed only 1.1 pounds at birth, from her incubator after 142 days.

Her mother, Emete Varis, 30, was hospitalized in labor less than six months after her pregnancy.

Nisa was born via a caesarean section but was held for treatment and constant surveillance by doctors due to her worrying weight.

Amazing pictures show how small the baby was when it was born – although it has since grown to 3.9 pounds.

Dr. Hanifi Soylu from Selcuk University Medical School Hospital said, “Baby Nisa has been here for almost five months. We discharged her on the 142nd day.

“Nisa was connected to a breathing apparatus for a long time. She didn’t need any food other than breast milk.”

Nisa stayed in an incubator for almost 5 months

The mother of three said of the ordeal: “My other children were born normally. This pregnancy was problematic. I went through 23 weeks of constant medical monitoring.”

She added that Nisa’s sisters are excited to meet their new siblings.


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