Baby boy 'first in the world to be born with three penises', doctors say

Doctors say a child in Iraq is the first to be born with three penises.

Experts say the boy has a rare condition called triphallia, the first case ever reported in the world.

The unidentified baby who lives in Duhok City was three months old when it was discovered.

The child’s parents discovered a swelling in the scrotum and “two projections of the skin”.

Further research was soon conducted to discover more.

Amazed doctors later discovered that these skin projections were actually penises – 2 cm and 1 cm long – with only one of the additional two having a head.

Then they diagnosed the death with the world’s first case of triphallia.

The boy’s extra penises were both reportedly inoperable, making the operation “less complicated”.

Medical journal International Journal of Surgery case reports described the case in the Kurdistan region in detail.

Dr. Shakir Saleem Jabali, the author of the report, says that each case had a “unique presentation”.

In the diary he wrote: “To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case of three penises or triphallia.

Baby boy 'first in the world to be born with three penises', doctors say 1

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“There is no similar case in human literature.”

They didn’t work like functioning organs, the experts said.

Doctors first diagnosed excess penises over 400 years ago after a baby was born with two children.

It is reported that the disease affects one in five to six million births.

Around 100 cases have been reported of babies born with two penises, with both working in some cases.


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