Baby boy left fighting for his life after stroke while being treated for Covid

Mum Ekaterina Voronina, 19, said she told the doctors something was wrong and even filmed her little boy having convulsions, only to be told by medics she was “worrying in vain”

Ekaterina Voronina with her two-month-old son Mark

A mum’s two-month-old baby boy is fighting for his life after he suffered a stroke while being treated for COVID-19.

Mum Ekaterina Voronina, 19, said she told doctors something was wrong and even filmed her little boy having convulsions, only to be told by medics she was “worrying in vain” because she was “young and inexperienced”.

Ekaterina said baby Mark started suffering from a fever back in mid-January.

Since having a cold is not uncommon for babies, Ekaterina was not too concerned by Mark’s temperature at first and she tried to bring down the fever herself.

Ekaterina, who lives in St Petersburg in Russia, said: “But on the third day, it went up to 39 degrees, and we called an ambulance. The doctors arrived after four hours and they decided to hospitalize Mark and me.”

Both the mother and baby were taken to the Children’s City Clinical Hospital No. 5 where they were tested for Covid and both reportedly came back as positive.

Baby Mark was put in a coma



Ekaterina said that the baby was immediately put on a drip and added: “He was given antibiotics and hormonal drugs. The temperature gradually returned to normal.”

However, Ekaterina noticed that her son stopped sleeping and became very restless on the third day, and “sometimes his eyes did not focus.” On the night of January 23rd, he began to have convulsions. The baby’s legs and arms began to twitch involuntarily, which terrified the young mother.

Ekaterina said: “I filmed everything and showed it to the doctors. They did nothing. A physician coolly ignored me. She told me, ‘you are young and inexperienced, you worry in vain, it happens, it’s normal.’ “

But the convulsions and the baby’s unfocused gaze turned out to be symptoms of a stroke. Doctors eventually checked the baby and confirmed that he had had a stroke. They also found a hematoma in his head.

Ekaterina reportedly signed a consent form for an operation and then waited for 10 hours for any news. During the operation, the hematoma was removed, and a part of the baby’s skull was also removed.

Stating that she could not recognize her own son after the operation, Ekaterina said: “When I saw Mark for the first time after the operation, I could not hold back the tears. He lay with a bandaged head, all swollen under the life- support equipment.”

She added: “This is a terrible sight, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Your heart just breaks.”

Now Mark, who turned three months old on February 6, is in a medically induced coma, however, according to the doctors’ prognosis, he is on the mend.

Ekaterina said: “A neurosurgeon told me that the convulsions were due to the fact that parts of the body simply began to fail. I don’t understand why they ignored me at that moment. I’m not angry at them, I don’ t wish anything bad on anyone, I just want to understand why they didn’t help. Now they express only words of regret.”

The hospital has made no statement on the incident and it is unclear if Ekaterina is planning to take legal action against the hospital for failing to diagnose a baby’s stroke.

Scientists currently say that COVID-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, can potentially damage the heart muscle and adversely affect heart function.

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