Baby survives after being thrown out of a third-storey window to escape fire

A baby survived after being thrown from a third-floor window to escape a fire in an apartment in France.

A disturbing video shot on Sunday afternoon shows the six-month-old flying through the air in the western city of Nantes.

Teenagers climbed the apartment to try to get the child and their parents out while flames and thick black smoke engulfed their apartment.

“Very brave locals saw the fire and started climbing the building to conduct a rescue,” an investigative source said.

“The mother and father were slowly lowered down the side of the building, but in the meantime the baby was simply thrown out of a window.

The death should now recover - and is out of danger

“Fortunately, a mattress was put on the floor so the baby wasn’t injured as badly as expected.”

The baby was taken to an emergency room, where on Tuesday it was described as out of danger and restful.

His parents also spent one night in the hospital but were only slightly injured, the same ambulance source said.

The drama took place at the Bottiere Council estate, where community leader Kenza Zekkar shot the video.

Johanna Rolland, the mayor of Nantes, called on French President Emmanuel Macron to honor and recognize the rescuers.

Mr. Rolland said: “People were saved thanks to the bravery and heroism of the young people present there who formed a human chain as they climbed to the third floor of the building to snatch them from the flames.

“Respect and appreciation for these young people.”


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