Back from Discord: Closing Clubhouse feature!

disagreement announced that it is the Stage discovery feature it developed as an alternative to Clubhouse. Here’s the date!

Clubhouse, which allows users to create a voice chat room, has made an impact on social media platforms. While Facebook developed the Live Sound Rooms feature that works with the same logic, Twitter created its own network with “Spaces.” One of the companies that was caught in the wind of the clubhouse was disagreement. The platform, known to have 140 million monthly active users, had enabled the Stage Channel feature to allow communities to communicate with each other via voice.

Thanks to the Stage Channel, disagreement users can create public meeting rooms and raise their hands to speak, like in Clubhouse. Rooms can also be managed by moderators. The company explained that more than 1 million communities are using this feature and shared the bad news with the public.

Discord will stop the Stage Channel feature on October 4th

The company said in a statement on its blog that it Stage discovery feature to make it easier for people to find new communities of interest. Declare that they have the . have opened Sahne channel for use in several countries in recent months in line with this purpose, disagreement officials indicated that they wanted to investigate whether the stated objective had been achieved.

Back from Discord: Closing Clubhouse feature! 1
Discord Stage Channel Feature

In light of community and admin feedback, “We’ve learned there’s still work to be done on the Stage Channel,” disagreement announced that it will be removing the feature on October 4. The following statements are included in the company’s announcement:

“We want to make sure we invest in and continue to produce features that best serve our communities. That’s why we made the decision to close Stage Discovery on October 4, 2021. We’ll spend some time thinking about how best to serve people.” connect with the communities that interest them.”

disagreement said it will continue to invest in the Stage Channel feature. Accordingly, it announced that it is working on new features that will allow people to discover communities that interest them.

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