Bad news from Virgin Galactic’s first commercial space flight!

virgin galactic had to delay the process because it was about to take action for the first commercial spaceflight it had been working on for a while.

virgin galactic has been working on space flights for a while. As the company counted down the days to stage its first commercial spaceflight, setbacks came one after another. It was announced that the flights, which will be arranged for a fee, have been postponed after the setbacks.

The first paid commercial spaceflight operated by virgin galactic would take place in late September or early October. However, according to the company’s latest statements, this flight was delayed until mid-October.

Warning of ‘manufacturing error’ during spaceflight!

While the company was preparing for a space flight, a supplier encountered some errors during flight checks. It warned after due diligence that it could be a “manufacturing error.” It is not yet known whether there is an error or defect in the company’s spacecraft. The investigation of the vehicle continues.

Bad news from Virgin Galactic’s first commercial space flight! 1

Virgin’s statement about the postponement of the launch process with the public contained the phrases “sufficient vigilance”.

Investigations continue to prevent another accident

The company announced that the flight had been postponed to mid-October, but an exact date was not given. A detailed review of the flight process is continuing by the FAA. The exact date of the flight will be determined by the FAA after the exams.

Bad news from Virgin Galactic’s first commercial space flight! 2

if virgin galactic continues to work on spaceflight, the process is handled with more care and attention than usual. The company is still on the agenda with a flying accident that happened in 2014. The pressure on him after the big accident is more than ever.

While virgin galactic is defined as a company that has been increasing profit rates for some time, such disruptions cause some disappointment. It is also emphasized that after the process is reliably completed, it can reach more customers.

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