Bad News From Xiaomi CEO To Those Waiting For Mi Mix

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, answering questions for their next event, stated that a new Mi Mix model will not arrive in 2020. Also, the Mi Mix Alpha is not expected to go on sale.

One of the products that enabled Xiaomi to achieve this success, despite being a company of only 10 years, was the Mi Mix smart phone series in the upper segment.

The first Mi Mix model moved the front camera to the bezel below the screen, eliminating the upper bezel and paving the way for edge-to-edge screens. In the Mi Mix 2, the similar design appeared with a higher screen / body ratio, while the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 was one of the first end-to-end screen phones.

Instead of introducing a new Mi Mix 4 model after the Mi Mix 3, Xiaomi showed an experimental but fascinating phone called the Mi Mix Alpha. It was stated that this phone, introduced last year, will be available for sale, albeit in a limited number, but Xiaomi has abandoned this plan.

Xiaomi will hold a new event tomorrow (August 11), and the company’s CEO, Lei Jun, answered some questions from Xiaomi fans at Weibo ahead of the event. With his responses, Jun denied hopes that a new Mi Mix model will be introduced at the event. According to Xiaomi CEO, we will not see a new Mi Mix model for the rest of 2020.

Considering that the Mi Mix series is one of Xiaomi’s most successful series, we can say that it is normal for fans to expect a new Mi Mix model. However, especially the difficult working conditions brought by the coronavirus pandemic may have made it impossible to develop a new experimental phone at a level that can be exhibited.

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