Banish costly PCR tests for Covid-safe destinations, easyJet passengers demand

Passengers and vacationers are calling for all coronavirus curbs to be lifted from countries that have been classified as safe to travel by the UK government.

Latest research from airline and tour operator easyJet 61 percent of Britons believe that green tier targets this summer should be free of restrictions under the proposed traffic light system.

The three tier travel system will add green and amber categories to the current red list of nations used by the government. Currently, the countries designated for the green list require passengers to take a PCR Covid test before flying at an additional cost.

The low-cost airline easyJet recently announced a major expansion to Birmingham Airport. Holidays and routes to European hotspots are to take place from May.

About 55 percent of those surveyed by easyJet say they will not be able to go on vacation this summer when passengers in low risk countries are offered expensive PCR Covid tests currently costing up to £ 150.

Under these rules, given the current cost of Covid testing, there is a risk that international travel will be just out of reach for many hard working families flying out of the UK this summer. For a family of four, recent reports suggest testing alone could cost anywhere from £ 240 to £ 600 just to go on vacation to Greece, Spain or Portugal.

According to a study by easyJet that surveyed 2,000 UK vacationers, nearly three-quarters (74 percent) think testing should be the cheaper option for side-flow testing if it continues to be a requirement for travel.

The study also shows that the average UK tourist thinks that the cost of a PCR test should be reduced to £ 30 if he has to stay, with a maximum charge of £ 50.

However, when it comes to the most vulnerable countries, which are yellow and red on the government’s traffic light system, 90 percent of respondents agree that testing is required to ensure safe travel.

Johan Lundgren, managing director of easyJet, said: “The UK government needs to give the final details of the test regime as early as possible and inform the public about which levels the countries will be admitted to and the criteria by which it will determine those levels. .

“We believe that most European countries should be OK in most European countries because of the protection provided by our vaccinations and the low presence of worrying variants

“EasyJet was founded to make travel affordable for everyone. Before the pandemic, we flew around 100 million customers paying an average of £ 50 per flight. At current costs, even low-risk, eco-friendly travel destinations are likely to make travel unfair for a well-deserved vacation or the opportunity to keep family out of reach for many – and for the rich.

“We are not pushing for travel to be reopened at any cost – we need to protect the NHS and vaccination program, but we have worked with seasoned scientists to understand what it would take to restart travel safely.”

He added, “Passenger health and safety remains our absolute priority and we strongly believe that unnecessary, costly PCR testing should not make travel to a government-approved, low-risk vaccination destination prohibitive. “


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