Bank Holiday Monday sets UK’s hottest day of the year so far

Monday is the warmest day of the year so far. Temperatures are expected to continue to rise in parts of the UK.

People flocked to parks and beaches to take in the mild conditions, as 24.6C was recorded on Monday in Kinloss, Scotland, according to the Met Office.

This surpassed the previous high for 2021, set at Kew Gardens in southwest London on March 30, when the temperature hit 24.5 ° C.

Conditions were similar in Northolt, west London, on Monday, where 24.5 ° C was recorded while mercury hovered around 20 ° C, according to a forecaster from the Met Office in Blackpool and Bristol.

Temperatures in parts of the UK are forecast to hit 25C later Monday as people enjoy the long weekend and newly restored freedoms after many lockdown restrictions were lifted.

While a new benchmark has been set for the year, it’s not long expected as temperatures will soar to 27 ° C on Wednesday before cooler, fresher air infiltrates.

Becky Mitchell, a Met Office meteorologist, warned of thunderstorms along the way.

“By the middle of the week there may be some thunderstorms, the first showers will hit parts of the southwest and there will be some thunderstorms,” ​​she said.

The storms in the southwest are expected to kick in on Wednesday, while the southeast will be a little soaked through Friday.

“There is a possibility of a thunderstorm in the southeast and we could have some pretty violent storms there,” Ms. Mitchell said.

“There is still a lot of uncertainty, but with the warm and humid weather we have the main ingredients for thunderstorms.”

May was the fourth wettest in the UK and the wettest in Wales.


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