Banned birthday parties and no barking after 6pm – the weird dog laws around the world

There are some seemingly insane laws around the world that dog owners must adhere to

People who own more than four dogs in Oklahoma face fines (

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The UK has certain laws in place to keep dogs and their owners safe, from being microchipped at eight weeks of age to being secured in the car while driving.

However, there are also lesser known laws that could result in heavy fines, up to and including up to, to owners £ 5,000 for walking a dog on a harness instead of a collar , or also Jail sentence for walking your dog on the side of the road without line.

However, there are laws that seem rather strange, such as how you dress your dog A vegetarian diet could punish you with a fine of £ 20,000 and up to 51 weeks in prison.

And only in Great Britain – there are even more unusual laws around the world.

In the US, dog owners should be careful to follow their local laws in each state, as some of these are incredibly niche.

In Little Rock, Arkansas, dogs are not allowed to bark after 6 p.m.


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In Little Rock, Arkansas, dogs are not allowed to bark after 6 p.m.

Over in Oklahoma, owners shouldn’t plan a dog birthday party without a signed permit from the mayor.

This is because dogs are not allowed to congregate in groups of more than four people on private property.

Individuals who own more than four resident dogs can be fined up to $ 200.

The state also bans making ugly faces on dogs – don’t stick your tongue out.

It is illegal in Connecticut to “train” a dog in Hartford, although it is unclear what training means in the circumstances.

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And Delaware doesn’t allow people to sell a dog’s excess hair Knitted sweater made from the fur of Samoyeds like this owner?

In the UK it is illegal to drive a car if your dog is not properly buckled up, and in Alaska they had to make it illegal to tie a dog to the roof of your car.

Other unusual U.S. dog laws include sleeping in a dog house in Idaho, and Illinois not allowing people to give a dog whiskey or a lighted cigar.

Elsewhere in the world, men in Saudi Arabia are banned from walking dogs to prevent people from secretly meeting.

It is because men used their pets as an excuse to meet women and circumvented the strict gender segregation rules in the country.

It is illegal under Norwegian Animal Welfare Act to neuter your dog unless it is deemed medically necessary or for its welfare, which is different from here in the UK where neutering is a common practice.

Sweden wins the Healthiest Dog Act, which says that every dog ​​attending daycare must be able to see out of a sunny window.

All pets in Switzerland now have to have their own companion. Also, owners must pass written and oral tests before they can own a dog.

In the Italian city of Turin, dog owners could be fined 500 euros if they do not take their dog for a walk at least three times a day. The statutes require owners to exercise their dogs regularly and also prohibit them from docking their dogs’ tails to see them.

And German dog owners have to pay a monthly pet tax, but a loophole in the law means dogs under £ 10 can be taxed at the same rate as a rodent, which is a third of the cost. That may explain why they love miniature dachshunds so much.

In Illinois, it is illegal to give whiskey or a lit cigar to a dog


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In contrast to Switzerland, where every pet has to have a companion, there is one dog per household in Beijing in China. Also, it must be under 14 inches tall.

There are some strange laws in the UK that could shock people – even more than the possibility of paying a fine for your dog to go vegan.

If you live on the Lancashire coast, it is illegal to make a dog bark unless instructed to do so by a police officer. It is also against the law to mate your pet with a royalty.

And even grieving pet owners could be pelted with the book if they bury their pet in the wrong place.

The law states that it is illegal to bury your pet anywhere other than the house it lived in, but you must own that house, not rent it, and your pet that has passed away must not be considered hazardous to health.

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