Barry Bennell victim secures five-figure settlement from ex-Butlin’s owners

A victim of pedophile Barry Bennell has secured a five-figure severance payment from the previous owners of Butlin’s after the soccer coach cared for him while working at a holiday park.

David Lean, 53, met Crewe Alexandra’s former coach while visiting the company’s resort in Pwllheli, northwest Wales, in 1979.

Mr. Lean, who was 11 at the time, said Bennell “had his charms on him and his father” that after a weeklong vacation they exchanged addresses, became pen pals, and returned for another trip later in the year.

Bennell, now serving a 34-year sentence after being convicted of sex offenses against boys, invited Mr. Lean to stay at home two nights for an FA-sponsored training course.

While at his home, Mr. Lean was sexually abused by the trainer.

A civil lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Mr. Lean by the law firm Slater and Gordon against Hard Rock Cafe (Edinburgh) Limited, formerly known as Butlin’s Limited, alleging that the company was acting on behalf of the abuse.

Mr. Lean said, “I fought for many years to seek justice for what happened to me as a child from this monster.

“It also became very important to me to ensure that everyone who helped Bennell make his abuse of boys possible are held accountable.

“Lessons must be learned to prevent the abuse of future generations; Nobody should have the right to turn a blind eye and not face the consequences.

“Although my sexual abuse never took place at Butlin’s, they gave my abuser the opportunity to get both me and my parents to access me later if I was abused. ”

Kim Harrison, Mr. Lean’s senior attorney, said she was “pleased” to have secured a five-figure severance payment for him.

She said, “Barry Bennell was a prolific pedophile who used his position at Butlin’s to groom and then abuse our clients.”

A Hard Rock spokesman did not want to comment on the comparison.

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