Bartos super PAC muscles into Pennsylvania Senate race

Bartos is the only high profile Republican to have thrown his hat in the ring so far. He raised nearly $ 1.2 million in the first quarter of the year, of which $ 400,000 was self-funded.

Creating jobs for our future is a boost for Bartos in an election that is guaranteed to be one of the most expensive in the country next year. However, it is unlikely that potential GOP candidates will be deterred.

A number of Republicans are considering a possible offer, including former MP Ryan Costello, 2020 House candidate, Sean Parnell, former Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite, and former Ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands. Attorney Sean Gale and former congressional candidate Kathy Barnette have officially declared their candidacies.

Other possible GOP candidates are John Giordano, who was part of the delegation of former President Donald Trump in 2019 to the United Nations General Assembly, as well as representatives Mike Kelly and Guy Reschenthaler.

Bartos took a cautious line in the early days of the Senate race. His supporters have called him a Republican who can appeal to moderate voters in the Philadelphia suburbs, a population that the GOP has been bleeding support for in recent years.

At the same time, Bartos was sure to woo the Trump base by nodding to the former president in his campaign announcement video and helping fund Republican election observers in Pennsylvania as the 2020 postal vote was counted. He also recently made a trip to Mar.-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida resort, for a Republican donor withdrawal.

Jobs for Our Future plans to fund contrast and negative ads on television, digital, mail, and radio as part of his efforts to vote for Bartos. “We support Jeff because he’s the only candidate fighting for small businesses and the millions of Pennsylvanians left behind by career politicians in Washington, DC,” said Peck.

The Super-PAC was founded in 2020. Last year, John Arnold, CEO of Pennsylvania-based PPC Lubricants, was the main donor.

On the democratic side, Lt. Governor John Fetterman, the Commissioner of Montgomery County, Val Arkoosh, and Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta announced that they would be responsible for the Senate. The Senator of the US state Sharif Street has set up an exploratory committee. Other potential candidates are the representatives Conor Lamb, Chrissy Houlahan and Madeleine Dean.

An external group has already spent money on the democratic primary school. The Collective Super PAC aired a radio spot in 2013 in which Fetterman was beaten up over an incident in which he pulled a shotgun at a black man whom police said was unarmed. Fetterman said he believed the man escaped a shootout. and did not know his race when he saw him.

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