Baseball Says No to Jim Crow 2.0

The big lie has been replaced with 50 little lies located in 50 different states. The big lie, of course, is that Trump would still be in office if only the presidential election hadn’t been stolen. That is now playing out in state houses across the country. The legislation aims to suppress mainly black voters.

Nowhere has the lie been received with greater enthusiasm than in the state of Georgia, the very state that was screened for fraud by every GOP official after the party was kicked in the ass in the last election. They found nothing, despite Trump criminally insisting that Republican officials cast some votes for him.

After his party’s historic defeat, however, Governor Brian Kemp has placed his political future on the fiction that Georgia’s GOP was defeated only because of the lack of that elusive “electoral integrity”. So the state passed a series of Jim Crow laws backed by a series of Jim Crow lies. It’s bold as hell. Instead of competing for votes, the GOP has gone authoritarian in a way that makes Bull Connor blush. Kemp serves these oppressive laws with a hearty helping of Slop-Orwellian disinformation: It’s Orwell for people who haven’t read. Or, when Kemp tweetedPresumably, while looking up for lightning bolts, his Racial Voting Suppression Act “extends ballot box access and ensures the integrity of our elections”.

In response, Major League Baseball decided to take a stand and move the 2021 All-Star game out of the Atlanta suburb. It really was the only decision the leagues could make. There were already rumors from players and managers about the boycott of the game. Their own sponsors were already pushing them to do something. The cognitive dissonance of a year celebrating Atlanta’s own legend, the late Henry Aaron, with Jim Crow Georgia as a backdrop, proved too tolerable.

The GOP sluices opened immediately with a collective moan about “break culture” and “wake-up mob”. No need to quote them. They’re barking on the moon over baseball now, trans kids, dr. Seuss … pretty much anything to distract from the unprecedented humanitarian crisis that has been happening on her watch. If it weren’t for so many bodies scattered around, this latest “culture of cancellation” -Mewl would be a high comedy. Baseball is about as liberal as George Will. It is an equally conservative institution that we have outside of the official GOP circles. MLB is set to radically transform social change, what the horse and buggy were to the Model T. If anything, baseball’s dislike should be a wake-up call to how toxic these overt, racist voter suppression laws are to American corporations. If even baseball finds you too harmful as a bedfellow, it should definitely be a cause for some kind of self-reflection. Instead, Republicans double up in a fit of tantrums and martyrdom that would put a teenager to shame.


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