Bass addresses past remarks praising Scientology

“I know that the Church of Scientology made a difference because your creed is a universal creed that appeals to everyone,” said Bass to around 6,000 attendees. “That is why the words of your founder L. Ron Hubbard in the Church of Scientology Creed are exciting: that all people of every race, skin color or creed are created with equal rights.”

Bass said in a statement that she was trying to find an “area of ​​conformity” with the church that was subject to allegations of abuse, trafficking, and intimidation by former members.

“In 2010, I attended the event and knew that I would address a group of people whose beliefs were very different from my own. I spoke briefly about things that I think most of us agree with and those things – respect for different views. Equality and the fight against oppression – my views have not changed, ”Bass tweeted. “Since then, first-hand published reports in books, interviews, and documentation have exposed this group.”

While Bass did not say what she thinks about the Church in her statement, she mentioned that “now everyone is aware of the allegations against her.” The chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus also stated that she was not a Scientologist and underlined that she worshiped in a Baptist church in Los Angeles.

Bass’ s record was increasingly scrutinized when, after being lobbied by other House Democrats, she headed the shortlist of alleged democratic candidate Biden.

It has also come under fire from President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign after the Atlantic reported Friday that Bass worked in Cuba with a group in the 1970s that joined the government of Fidel Castro.

“She was always for Castro and later grieved for him,” said Tim Murtaugh, spokesman for the Trump campaign tweeted Saturday. “Whether Biden chooses them or not, he has written off Cuban-American voters just by considering them.”

On a call organized by the Trump campaign, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) Broke bass because he “showed an astonishing interest in the Cuban revolution”. according to the Palm Beach Post.

“She will be the highest-ranking Castro sympathizer in the United States government,” Rubio said of Bass when selected as Biden’s running mate.

Bass has tried to address the Cuban controversy in recent media appearances.

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