Basset Hound due to be shot has been rescued

When an animal rescue group was told that a handsome dog had to be shot because it was undesirable, they knew they had to act quickly.

The seven-year-old Basset Hound was withdrawn from its original owner with their consent and is now in the care of a new team.

Renamed to Shilo – which means friend – she is safe in a nursing home after living her life on the end of a chain.

A spokesperson for Friends of Rescue, in Northern Ireland, said: “Her [previous] The owner decided they didn’t want her anymore, so they decided to shoot her.

“Fortunately, her neighbor heard of this and stepped in, and they agreed to extradite her. That poor girl was literally almost gone. She has spent her life on a chain that lies in a garden …

“So we got an urgently needed MOT for her today and her skin is badly infected as expected. She is now taking special detergents, steroids and medication for it. Her ears and eyes are also infected and she is taking cleaning products for them.”

“Because of this, we cannot start an operation until we have it under control. Hopefully in a week or two she can be spayed and neutered and given a much-needed tooth and she should feel like a new girl

“As always, the dogs that have been locked out, left behind, completely neglected in more ways than one, are just so grateful and, as always, she has settled in her foster home and she loves her foster brother Bundy.

“It makes us so sad that she led a lonely life on a chain when this pleasant dog just wants love, company, and a good sniff.

“It is understandable that she is overweight due to the limited range of motion, but has started to lose weight and she is already enjoying the huge garden of her foster home.

“A new beginning always means a new name and her foster mother chose Shilo – pronounced Shylo – which means ‘friend’ and is perfect for her. She is a total friend to us.

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