Battle of Bastards Recap: Game Of Thrones Most Loved Episode!

Game of Thrones is one of the most beloved TV series of this era and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who has ever loved royalty and the classic era. Have you ever felt the need to watch a TV series that gives you chills? Game of Thrones, written by George RR Martin, is one of the greatest drama series ever released. The series has now ended, but some fans are still unhappy with the plot details. Of all the episodes that have aired, Battle of Bastards would continue to grab all the attention of the viewers.

However, I know that most of the fans loved some of the other episodes because there are different kinds of people, but the majority of people loved the episode. The fans have been waiting for the release of this episode, as the show offers everything we as an audience have been waiting for.

Sansa Stark has been through a lot and it breaks our hearts to see them in such a miserable state. There’s nothing heartbreaking about seeing her from such a distance.

It would be rather subjective to discuss whether the “Battle of Bastards” would be considered the most amazing episode of the Game of Thrones series or not. Whatever the episode brought us, we loved watching it. There are definitely some things that broke us, we are here. In this article, we’ll discuss this episode and the battle in detail. Here’s everything about the Battle of Bastards in a descriptive way.

Battle of Bastards: know all about it!

Battle of Bastards

Battle of Bastards is one of the episodes of the Game of Thrones series that was originally released with the show’s sixth season. The episodes dealt with a series of battles and incidents that took place related to the mass war. We already know that after the demise of the Stark Kingdom, the north was assigned to the hierarchical members of the family. The Stark family has already seen many adversities that have been terrible for them.

When Sansa Stark was held in a pitiful condition and Jon learned all about it, the war took place. The battle takes place with the Stark army raised by John Stark and in the opposite case there is Ramsay, who is hated by everyone.

As the war unfolds, we see that the episode brings with it major events and suspense that make the show even more interesting. In the beginning, the Stark Kingdom was conquered by Ramsay and Jon prepares his large army for battle.

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Battle of Bastards: what is it about?

Battle of Bastards Updates

Episode six starts with the big armies on each side. On the other hand, Daenerys got all her great power after getting Dorothories in her army. As the series begins, we see that Daenerys becomes more powerful and that she plans to go to Western.

In Winterfell, both leaders of their respective armies, Ramsay Bolton and Jon Snow, come to a point to meet and find a better solution than fighting. They start the conversation hoping to compromise and end the fight so that no one would be killed. But do you know what would happen?

Jon Snow told Ramsay it would be very embarrassing for him because he doesn’t want anyone killed for their own fights. He asks Ramsay that it would be best for both of them to follow their tradition and fight among themselves regardless of killing thousands of people in battle. Whoever lives has won the battle.

There Ramsay told Jon that he knows better that Jon Snow is one of the greatest swordsmen and that he can easily kill Ramsay in the fight. He expands his speech further by saying that he has a large army and he knows if they would fight, Ramsay would win and acquire Winterfell.

Plus, Ramsay told both Sansa and Jon that they can easily get rid of this if they give up the fight, but since they’re both very familiar with his behavior, they know it wouldn’t happen at all.

Sansa doesn’t believe Recon is really with Ramsay because she knows how he lied and plans a brain game throughout the series. When this happens, Ramsay throws a shaggy wolf’s head and it breaks everyone’s heart.

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Battle of Bastards: know the battle in details!

Battle of Bastards news

Jon Together with Tormund figured out how they will conduct the whole battle and how to dig the big holes in the ground so that when the army attacks, they will all fall on it. Because they already know that the Bolton army is larger in number and it would be quite a foolish moment for them if they attack us first. They must plan so that Bolton’s army attacks first.

After Tormund leaves the tent, Sansa asks Jon Snow why he isn’t asking for his opinion? Since Sansa has been spending most of the time with her, it would be great if they asked her opinion as well. Jon ignores the point. Sansa gave Jon her opinion that he should not be influenced by Ramsay because he is such a cunning man and he would definitely tease and annoy Jon to get everything he wants.

She goes on to explain that if Recon is in the hands of Ramsay, she doesn’t think he would be alive after that. Since Sansa is the already and Jon Snow is the bastard of Winterfell, neither of them are as important to Ramsay as Recon is. Recon is the true hierarchy king of Winterfell. And that’s why he would kill him.

When the next day comes, the armies are prepared for battle. Both armies face each other and Ramsay takes his first and most important action by pulling Recon into the fight. Ramsay cut Recon’s ties and asked him to run to his brother. And this is where things get emotional and both Jon Snow and Recon don’t think much and run towards each other. Jon’s overconfidence that he would save his brother’s life will have a major impact on the situation.

From here, Ramsay throws all the vows at him, but the Recon, who is stupid enough, doesn’t run criss-cross, but runs straight into it.

The fourth vow kills Recon and here we see Jon Snow being broken. Recon gets killed in the middle and Jon Snow just stands in the middle of the ground. Both armies started fighting and as Sansa has told, Ramsay is cunning and would have just used his wits to make things worse.

But Jon Snow has not listened to her sister and this is costing him a lot of money. The scene gets quite dynamic and while this is happening we see that countless people have died. There was a moment when viewers thought even Jon Snow would be gone.

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