BB-8 Is the Only Hero Anyone Needs in the Newest Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures Short

BB-8 gets things done.

BB-8 gets things done.
Statue: Disney / YouTube

Who saved the day this time? It was BB-8. It’s always BB-8.

The latest shorts in the endless charming Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures sequence of animations makes the argument that BB-8 low-key is the MVP of the new one Star Wars trilogy. His rambunctious exploits and stunningly handsome looks get the organics out of trouble time and time again. If you cut it in a montage, it’s just so clear.

And what do these droids get for their successes? Nothing. A bath in some oil, if they are lucky. BB-8, R2-D2, heck even C-3PO are the real champions of the battles against the empire and the first order. But no one ever thought to make BB-8 a cute little medal, right? I think it would probably just slip off of him, but come on, that’s a logistics problem that someone in the Star Wars universe could dissolve. Either way, a droid could fix it. They get things done.

Hero Wars best healer

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