BBC EastEnders fans heartbroken after Danny Dyer makes career change

Eastenders fans were heartbroken and distraught when Danny Dyer announced he was leaving the soap.

The fan favorite is set to leave the BBC show to land a six-figure deal on Sky and star in a new drama.

The actor, who plays Queen Vic host Mick Carter, was disturbed by the news for nine years with many fans on the show, reports the Sun.

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One said, “I really can’t believe Danny Dyer is leaving #EastEnders …

“I hope they give Mick Carter an open ending so he has a chance to return in the future, but if Danny is really done with the show then I just want to say thank you for everything. Miss you already!”

Someone else said, “Another character I really like who’s leaving the show. I’m sad to see Danny leave.”

Another added: “I can’t lie, I’m gutted that Danny is leaving.

“It really feels like the end of the Carter era now. I just hope they give them the last act they deserve.

“I’ll be so sad to see Dan and Kel stop working together, but I’ll always look forward to what’s next.”

One viewer commented, “So shocked to hear Danny Dyer left #Eastenders, but wonder how Mick Carter is going?”

Danny had previously split from Mick to pursue other interests, but kept returning to the role he had played since 2013.

In 2019, he took a six-week hiatus to appear in a series of plays that pay tribute to his mentor Harold Pinter alongside Martin Freeman.

Danny is tied to a busy soap schedule but recently took the show off work and hosted a Spotify podcast – Sorted With The Dyers.

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