BBC Question Time live: Politicians and business leaders battle it out over the Budget

One day after the budget, the BBC’s most important political debate show, Question Time, is back on our screens live from Stockport tonight.

Moderator Fiona Bruce will be accompanied by a studio audience and a panel from politics and business.

The Conservative Treasury Secretary Lucy Frazer MP and Labors Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Bridget Phillipson MP will be chaired by NatWest, Howard Davies, the CEO of think tank Miatta Fahnbulleh and former Dragon’s Den investor and founder of YourCash Europe Jenny Campbell.

Early this morning, Ms Frazer told MPs that the government’s goal is an economy “fit for a new age of optimism” and insisted that the budget is “our foundation”.

She said: “If we are to come out of the biggest recession in 300 years and emerge from the pandemic, it is vital that we as a government support our people and our businesses, which has rightly been the subject of today’s debate.

“This is the budget that gives the British people a stronger economy, it is a clear expression of what this government stands for and what we are determined to achieve.

“Our goal is an economy that is fit for a new age of optimism, and this budget is our foundation.”

However, the Tories have “become the party of high taxation because they are the party with low growth,” said a shadow minister from the Treasury.

Labor Pat McFadden said: “The standout feature of this budget is the Chancellor’s admission that tax levels will rise to their highest level since the early 1950s.

“One tax increase after another. A new analysis today shows that the combination of these tax increases will mean an increase of £ 3,000 per household compared to when the Prime Minister took office. And the reason for all of these tax hikes is simple: The Tories have become the party of high taxes because they are the party of low growth. “

Follow the highlights of the show, which starts at 10:35 p.m., on our live blog below


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