Be careful with the SMS from your bank CaixaBank, Santander

text message: The WhatsApp of 20 years ago, text messages or text message seemed doomed to disappear forever in the reality of smartphones and messaging applications. But look, they have found a second life and are nowadays widely used to receive, for example, delivery messages from a courier company, digital payment checks or messages from your bank.

But what if that? text message from your bank are not true?

Phishing and Smishing with CaixaBank, BBVA, Santander

As we read in the OSI, the Internet User Security Office, “multiple campaigns to target fraudulent emails (phishing) and text message (smishing) that occur when banking entities such as CaixaBank, Santander and BBVA have been detected”. Campaigns that aim to “lead the victim to a fake web page to steal their credentials through various forms of deception using social engineering techniques”.

To do this, using various excuses, these emails or text message request to click on a link that they include in the content of the message. This link redirects to a fake page that pretends to be the bank’s page and asks for access data.

The detected emails are identified with topics such as:

– ‘Customer number: # XXXXX / Update’

– ‘coanco Santandɐr’

Although it is not excluded that there are other e-mails with similar problems and/or “which affect other banking entities in addition to those mentioned”.

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