Beach BBQ accident left young boy's foot look like 'melted wax'

A nine-year-old boy’s foot “melted like wax” after stepping on hot sand that had previously been used by a disposable beach grill.

Stockport’s Will Tyler was temporarily unable to walk after the Formby Beach accident in June 2020 and required a skin graft.

A year later he is now Fundraising for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, where he continues to receive treatment.

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Will had been on the beach with his parents, Toby and Claire, and sister Lily when they decided to throw a barbecue to enjoy some sausages, the reports Liverpool echo.

Even though the grill was moved to cool down after the meal, the sand it was standing on stayed scorching hot.

Toby said, “Anyone I’ve told this story to just can’t believe how sand can stay so hot.

“We used one of those disposable barbecues that had the coals in a foil tray. The bottom of the bowl was on the sand, which I now know meant that the heat was conducted into the sand and the foil surface trapped it there.

“When we moved the grill, the top of the sand cooled down, but it was still stinking underneath because the heat was trapped there. We later learned that it can stay dangerously hot for hours.

“The kids were running around playing when all of a sudden Will just screamed. As a parent, that’s the worst sound I’ve ever heard and it’s a sound I’ll never forget.

“He pulled his foot out of the sand and his skin peeled off his foot like melted wax.

“When I carried it to the car, I was soaking wet with sweat. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I saw Will’s foot […] I guess the adrenaline has just started. “

Claire drove Will to a nearby emergency room before he was transferred to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

He had to stay in the hospital for nine days and had no visitors except for his mother.

During this time, Will received a skin graft from his right thigh to his burned left foot.

Will received a skin graft from his right thigh to his burned left foot

When he got home, his recovery process continued, switching from a wheelchair to a walker and finally to crutches before walking again without assistance.

Will continues to keep appointments at the hospital and still has to wear compression stockings for 23 hours a day – plus a splint at night.

Toby continued, “He’s having fun with it – he calls it his ‘bacon’ because it looks like it.

“Since it is still growing, we are not sure whether there will be a business in the future.

“But he’s recovering well right now and he’s lucky to have some close friends who have been really great supporters.”

As part of his fundraiser, Will returned to Formby Beach on Tuesday (June 1) for a five-mile walk with family and friends.

You can contribute to his fundraiser Here.


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