Before and after photos show transformation of homeless man given free makeover

One homeless man had a dramatic change after a friendly hairdresser offered him a free renovation.

Rob, 55, has lived on the streets of Melbourne, Australia for 20 years fighting heroin addiction.

He had poor relationships with women and used drugs until he met Narcotics Anonymous.

While managing to stay sober for 12 months, he met hairdresser Nasir Sobhani at a local soup kitchen and was later offered a haircut for the house.

A touching video on the YouTube channel of hairdresser The Streets Barber shows 32-year-old Nasir working his magic with the hair clippers.

The footage shows the hairdresser cutting Rob’s unruly beard and styling his matted hair Daily star.

Before and after photos show transformation of homeless man given free makeover 1

The barber said the couple broke up and hadn’t seen Rob since the renovation.

But when he starts trimming Rob’s long lock of hair, the recovering drug addict opens up and tells his story about why he’s on the street.

Rob says, “Bad women, bad relationships, basically. And heroin addiction played a role too.

“The heroin happens pretty much during and after the relationship.”

He also tells Nasir that he is currently 12 months sober from heroin and that attending anonymous Narcotics meetings has helped him “see it from a different perspective”.

Hairdresser Nasir Sobhani

During the haircut, Rob also tells Nasir that he found his new talent in drawing and shows two of his finished works – a roaring lion and a rabbit.

“It was the most positive outlet I’ve had. It took a lot of despair from my life,” he adds. “I’m not that worried about the financial situation.”

Once the haircut is complete, the transformation is mind-blowing. Rob looks like a completely different man with shaved sides and short hair on top.

Nasir, who started the street hairdressing project at age 25, told the Daily Star in an interview that he hadn’t seen Rob since the haircut.

Homeless Rob, 55, in front of his free haircut

He said, “Unfortunately I didn’t really see Rob after that day. I walk around Melbourne giving haircuts to homeless men and women, but I also do haircuts outside of Melbourne.

“The thing about homeless people in Melbourne is that they don’t usually stay in one place and because their homeless people don’t have a home, they are constantly traveling to different areas.

“They have certain homeless people who are in certain areas, but Rob is not one of those people. I wasn’t allowed to be with him after the haircut.

Although Nasir failed to keep in touch with Rob, he said he understood that Rob is now an artist.

Artwork of homeless Rob, 55, that he discussed with Nasir Sobhani during his free haircut

“He’s going to sell his work, be it on the street or by giving people a little opportunity to buy things in the shelters,” he added.

“My focus now is on teaching people how to cut their hair before they go out on the streets or become homeless,” he said.

“I’m going to prisons now and teaching inmates – I have some very interesting people in prison, some murderers, some thieves, some robbers – that the outside people are like ‘oh my god’ but inside are just students who want to learn.

“I hope when you get out you can do something good for society.”

“That was the nice thing about the guy.”

When asked if he would continue to give free haircuts to the homeless, he said he had come up with a new plan.


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