Bell which kept ringing during Dominic Cummings evidence explained

Former Boris Johnson chief advisor Dominic Cummings today faces questions about the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

He appears before a hearing of the Health and Social Affairs and Science and Technology committees.

The MPs examine “lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic”.

But confused viewers during the interview that afternoon went to Titter to ask what was going on when the noise kept interrupting the proceedings.

One asked: “What kind of bell is in the background? #Dominiccummings”

A second added, “What’s the bell that keeps ringing when Dominic Cummings speaks?”

And a third angry viewer wrote: “#DominicCummings What kind of annoying bell / alarm is that that keeps going off?

The ringing when Dominic Cummings spoke was actually the partition bell.

The bells are used in the immediate vicinity of the Palace of Westminster (where Parliament is located) to signal that a division is taking place, and members of the House of Commons or the House of Lords have eight minutes to get to the elected departmental lobby that they can vote for or against the dissolution.

The audience had some of their own theories.

“Is it Hancock who set off the fire alarm? #DominicCummings,” one asked.

Another added, “What is the recurring bell? Miniature railroad train? Steam locomotive #DominicCummings #SelectCommitee”

“Is the @MattHancock ringing that damn bell outside ?! #DominicCummings,” said a third.

A fourth asked: “Did the ringing in the background just signal the arrival of the morning food truck? #Dominiccummings”


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