Ben Affleck praises Kevin Feige: “He’s a genius”

The famous actor who returns as Batman in The Flash praises the work of the president of Marvel Studios after working with him on the adaptation of Daredevil.

Ben Affleck, an actor who will return as Batman in the next movie The Flash after leaving the role at the end of his participation in Justice League, has expressed admiration for Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios and head of the direct competition for DC, a company in which Affleck has been able to explore the character of the Dark Knight in two full-length films.

They were working on the Fox movie Daredevil

This was done in a recent interview collected by The Hollywood Reporter in which Affleck recalls his experience as Daredevil in the first adaptation of the Hell’s Kitchen vigilante in 2003 by Fox and Marvel and involving Kevin Feige, the moment when the actor made the take the opportunity to commend his career and to praise his professional work, especially in all things UCM related.

“Kevin Feige is the most successful producer who has ever lived, it must be absolutely said that he is the best. He’s the only man in the world that if he said to me, “I know what the public wants, this is what we’re going to do,” I’d believe it in the blink of an eye. He knows his audience like no producer, he is a true genius. He knows exactly how to wink at the audience, how to hang them on the ropes, how many special effects to use, how many jokes, what is the sensitivity, what is the tone. Because then people wouldn’t know whether to leave or hug the tights, or take it more seriously, ”referring to the time when he played Daredevil, a movie that didn’t work out as expected.

Ben Affleck will once again wear the Batman cloak in The Flash, a film that aims to be a turning point in the DC Extended Universe to reorganize current franchises and who knows if he should welcome new actors and actresses in lead roles.

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