Ben Fogle and global charity call on Brits to pick up litter from beaches

With millions of Britons planning stays and day trips to the beach this summer, Ben Fogle is leading a new Ocean Conservation Trust campaign highlighting the little things anyone can do to protect the coast when they hit the beach this year goes. including a central call to action to pick up five pieces of trash when leaving the beach.

Experts believe the UK is expecting a boom in domestic vacations due to travel restrictions abroad. In this “Staycation Summer”, more Brits will swap trips abroad for vacations that are closer to home. Working with the Plymouth-based global charity Ocean Conservation Trust and Plymouth Gin, Ben Fogle promotes awareness of the importance of a healthy ocean

According to recent research, it is clear that the UK’s beaches hold a special place in our hearts and minds – 3 out of 4 say the beach makes them happy and have an amazing 95% happy memories of the sea. In fact, the British believe that the view of the sea makes them happier than any other sight in the UK. With the British last seen the ocean for an average of seven months and 71% of us visiting the coast this summer, keeping our beaches clean is more important than ever.

The launch of the campaign is sure to resonate with the British, as research shows that the biggest annoyance for people by the sea is the litter left on the beach (68%). Although the majority of the nation is aware of beach pollution (88%), most people say they need to learn more.

Ben said, “The beautiful British coast is shaped by the ocean, which supports the diversity of life on our planet, and I want to keep it that way. I spent much of my childhood on the Plymouth coast and even rowed the Atlantic Ocean so the ocean was a big part of my own life.

“This summer, millions of us, including myself, will be taking a trip to the seaside. There are some things we cannot control, but we can all do our part this summer. There are over 100 million beach visits every year – if we we all picked up 5 pieces of rubbish with each visit, that’s over 500 million fewer pieces of rubbish on the beach. “

OCT’s Nicola Bridge said, “The ocean produces half the oxygen we breathe and powers our weather and climate. Even if you can’t see it, it’s an important part of life – we’re all connected to our ocean in some way! Since it is expected that millions of us will flock to our coast in this “Staycation Summer”, we call on all who do their part. “

There are a few simple but effective things we can all do to keep our coastline alive:

  • There are over 100 million beach visits in the UK every year. If we only pick up five pieces of rubbish when we go to the beach, that equates to picking up over 500 million pieces of rubbish
  • Repack picnic groceries at home to make sure the packaging is properly recycled and no litter is left on the beach
  • Get local and sustainable seafood – why not try something new on the menu.

Sean Harrison, Master Distiller for Plymouth Gin, said: “We have called the South West home since 1793 and our distillery is only 75 yards from the port. Our history is closely tied to the ocean, and we have a long and proud history of traveling the seas with the Royal Navy. Like many of us in this country, it’s an extremely important part of who we are.

“So we’re excited to support our neighbors here in Plymouth, the Ocean Conservation Trust, in this zero-footprint campaign. The campaign is the next step in Plymouth Gin’s journey to ensuring sustainability is paramount everything we do is written about. ” Plymouth Gin has already made great strides on its sustainability journey. The distillery uses 100% renewable electricity and all of our gin plants are recycled through an anaerobic digestion power plant. Turning waste into energy “.

To further support the Ocean Conservation Trust, Plymouth Gin is donating £ 1 for every Plymouth Gin & Tonic purchased at select City Pub Group venues as of May 31st. The Plymouth Distillery team has also committed to a year-long beach cleaning program starting this summer.

For more sustainable tips and tricks from Plymouth Gin and the Ocean Conversation Trust, as well as more information on how you can do your part, please visit


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