Benefits law change could mean you are owed thousands of pounds

Individuals receiving a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) could be eligible for thousands of pounds under an official review.

The Ministry of Labor and Pensions carries out the review after a change in the law.

And the result of that is that some people could be eligible for up to £ 13,000. the Daily Record reports.

The payment was made a few years ago to replace the disabled housing allowance for most people and provides financial aid to people with a long-term health condition or disability.

But many who received it missed the full amount they should have paid.

The independent performance counseling website benefits and work said: “The search is the result of a July Supreme Court ruling that the DWP has failed to award the correct points to some applicants with mental illness who need solicitation or social assistance to become personally involved [situations] with other people.

“Some applicants have missed the standard daily living component since April 2016 and are eligible for PIP back payments of around £ 13,000.”

The website added, “Others who have recently made claims or who should have received the increased rate but only received the standard rate are entitled to smaller but still substantial amounts.”

Those who may have missed this include people who need help managing face-to-face encounters.

These can be people who have regular meetings with a psychologist without whom they would not be able to cope with such encounters, and people who need input from certain friends or relatives who have experience in supporting them in social situations in order to facilitate such encounters to help.

However, there are concerns that not everyone who is entitled to more money will be contacted by officials.

The DWP Search for Affected People dates back to April 2016, and some of these individuals may not have received an award for PIP at all in the past.

Benefits and Work states that there are concerns that some individuals may be overlooked – including those who filed a claim prior to April 2016 and those whose awards were made by a tribunal.

The DWP has no “authority to change court decisions based on an error of law and you must contact the DWP yourself in those circumstances,” they advised.

Benefits and Work has written a detailed statement about who may be affected that can be downloaded Here. This is also in a Video format on the same page.

The DWP announced in August that it was making changes to the PIP process to determine the amount of funding for applicants over time.

These changes are the result of changes to the PIP Act for:

The changes to the PIP law affect the decision on claims:

  • People getting PIP now
  • People who have applied for PIP in the past but are not currently receiving it
  • People moving from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to PIP

You can make a PIP claim through Contact the DWPalthough the process is different if you live in Northern Ireland.

It is different when you are terminally ill.

DWP – PIP Claims

Claim by mail

You can get a form to send information by mail. Write a letter to ask for the form:

Personal independence payment New entitlements
Post-handling site B.
WV99 1AH


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