Bernedoodle Cooper transformed into giraffe by famous TikTok groomer

One-year-old Cooper visited dog groomer Gabriel Feitosa in San Diego after his owner turned him into a giraffe – and the 29-year-old got the job done

Bernedoodle dog enjoys the park with colored fur that looks like a giraffe

Is that a dog or a baby giraffe? A creative ability on the part of the groomer would surely make you rub your eyes and double glances.

Cooper the Bernedoodle – a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle – has been turned into a giraffe thanks to California animal keeper Gabriel Feitosa.

The 29-year-old, who worked on ABC’s “Pooch Perfect” in the US, received millions of views for his creative TikTok videos – and Cooper’s new hairstyle is no exception.

The big job was done by Cooper’s owner, and Gabriel joked that he “didn’t have to ask twice”.

The puppy – Sir Winston Cooper’s full name – was in the salon for seven hours while the professional was doing magic with pet-friendly dyes.

Cooper the Bernedoodle transforms into a giraffe


Instagram @adventureswithcoooper)

One-year-old Cooper left the snow groomers with giraffe spots, tufted ears, and black hooves, and its owner loved the finished look.

He commented on Gabriel’s video: “This is my dog ​​and I love him. He’s my best friend and I thought it would be fun and honored to be looked after by Gabriel. “

The California-based groomer has already made headlines after turning his own dog into The Grinch for Christmas.

He joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on ITV’s This Morning to defend his work after the clip went viral.

The groomer told the show, “Actually, I was surprised by the reaction that happened on the internet. The Grinch look, a lot of people were very happy. I got a lot of calls from people who wanted to bring their dog, which was flying out of New York everywhere to make your dog a Grinch. “

And he’s not the only dog ​​groomer who comes up with weird and wacky creations.

Joanna Elson from South Devon once turned her Cavapoo Dexter into The big bird of Sesame Street for a cleaning competition, as well as a Chinese Foo Dog.

An aspiring creative dog groomer transformed her golden retriever, Odin, into a tiger for Halloween.

Odin’s owner used Opaw’s pet safe dyes to create the colorful look


TikTok @faiytaildalmatians)

in the viral clip Viewed more than 4.1 million times, Odin lies quietly while its owner paints his golden locks bright orange with black stripes.

When the finished look dried, his transformation into a tiger on his morning walk would certainly have caught the eye.

Odin’s owner said, “I’m a baby hairdresser and I dip my toe in creative grooming. I’ve had so much fun using Opaws colors on Odin to achieve this fun look. This is my first time playing with color and I’m excited to see how good it turned out. “

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