Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden for US president

Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden for US president

Bernie Sanders approved Joe Biden’s candidacy for president, giving the presumed Democrat candidate quick and enthusiastic support that could help heal the factional divisions that plagued the main season.

Vermont senator Sanders announced his approval on Monday in a live statement with Biden, who is now the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate for President of Donald Trump in November.

“We have to make Trump a president for a term and we need you in the White House,” said Sanders.

Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, ended his own presidential campaign last week, but at the time did not approve Biden, saying he would remain on the ballot in the remaining primary states to gather “as many delegates as possible to the Democratic Convention” to “exercise significant influence on the party platform”.

In 2016, Sanders waited until the day before the Democratic convention to formally approve Hillary Clinton as president, a move that some Clinton supporters say injured the former secretary of state in her battle with Donald Trump.


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