Bernie Sanders Has Given Us a Tool Kit for Defending Against Trump’s Threat to Democracy


Bernie Sanders knows exactly what the 2020 presidential race is all about.

“This is not just a choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden” said the Vermont Senator on Thursday. “This is a choice between Donald Trump and democracy – and democracy has to win.”

This is not a hyperbolic statement. This is strong realism that recognizes the reality that Americans face at one point in time President Trump refuses to say if he’ll accept the pink panties suggests polls suggest voters might hand them over in November.

Sanders, himself an aspirant for this year’s Democratic President nomination, is not the only one to express his concern. Trump heightened the fear level of an already tense election season dramatically when he responded to a question about the peaceful transfer of power on Wednesday, saying, “We have to see what happens.” Then the president made matters worse: “We want to get rid of the ballots and we will have a very peaceful one – frankly there will be no broadcast.” There will be a sequel. ”

“We should all be concerned about this statement by the President of the United States,” he warned American Civil Liberties Union. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer declared, “President Trump: you are not a dictator and America will not allow you to be one.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged the President “to try just a moment to honor your oath of office on the United States Constitution”. Even the Utah Senator Mitt RomneyThe 2012 Republican presidential candidate intervened: “A peaceful transfer of power is fundamental to democracy; without that there is Belarus. Any suggestion that a president might fail to honor this constitutional guarantee is both unthinkable and unacceptable. ”

But it was an actor and an activist Mark Ruffalo Who spoke for millions of Americans when he asked, “Okay … so what’s the plan? The man told us he won’t go peacefully, he’s stacking the court with judges he knows will be.” will decide in his favor and he talks about casting ballots. What’s the plan? “



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